The Freedom Project
The Freedom Project
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We take ours for granted.

But thousands of moms and daughters can only dream of freedom today. 


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3000 Girls in Slavery

3,000 girls & women are still trapped as slaves of ISIS.

Yazidi women are being held in Iraq and Syria. Some have been trafficked to Saudi Arabia, Libya and Turkey.

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People like you made the life altering decision to take action. 

Their support has given OFWI the power to help over 600 women escape ISIS slavery.



  1. Mobilize the resources to rescue women and girls enslaved by ISIS.

  2. Demand justice for the victims, and ensure their voice is heard.

  3. Raise awareness. The silence and inaction of others condemns them to a life of slavery.

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Many want to make a difference to help girls and women trapped in ISIS sex slavery but feel helpless, they do not know where to begin.

Another study or report will not save these women. We need to act now to save those still enslaved by ISIS and trafficked throughout the Middle East.

The Freedom Project is empowering those wanting to be a part of change, and helping free the women and children, around the world held in captivity as sex slaves.

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  1. Sign the petition above.

  2. Post a picture like this one on your social media using the #FreedomProject hashtag.

  3. Tag a friend who cares.

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Freedom Project

Who are the Yazidi people?

Yazidis are an ethnic religious minority native to northern Iraq dating back centuries. Known for being a tight-knit community and their peaceful nature, Yazidi’s native tongue is Kurmanji, a dialect of Kurdish.

What did ISIS do to them?

Following an unrelenting assault that began in the summer of 2014 in their homeland around Mount Sinjar, ISIS embarked on a genocide of the Yazidi people. ISIS decimated their communities and killed thousands while enslaving young Yazidi women and girls to be bought and sold among ISIS fighters as sex slaves.

What happened to the Yazidi women and girls?

The Yazidi women who were enslaved by ISIS have faced unfathomable trauma. 
Thousands have been bought and sold multiple times, raped and beaten, forced to sleep on the floor, drink from toilets, and eat leftovers from the floor, if at all. Many also witnessed their husbands or brothers killed at gunpoint when ISIS invaded their villages in August 2014.

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